Motobushido: Tales of Blood and Chrome

The Fallen Legion: First Founding

War Framing

When setting up the First Founding scene, we established the following aspects of the War:

  • The Homeland: one nation (i.e. this is not an international scale war) with a growing focus on industry and high technology.
  • The Enemy: Naturalist-Animist rebels from within!
  • The War: A “nature-regressive” party of rebels rose up from within, taking over cities and places of industry, hoping to bring the land back to its roots.
  • The Forces: The Animists had developed mystical relations with the beasts of the land, and fielded massive armored war-bears, among other things. The Empire had high technology, which later had become diabolically corrupted through resorting to dark, desperate measures.
  • The Results: The Animists more or less “won,” defeating the vast bulk of the Imperial armies, although there was never any formal surrender. Chaos reigned supreme following the final battle, and lands began to revert to their natural states. Technology has been permanently corrupted by dark forces, and those who choose to Ride or Fly (or use vehicles or major weapons of tech nature) must pay individual sacrifices in order to do so. Finally, the sky itself was blackened and corrupted over the cities, while highly-reclaimed areas have some shining rays of sunshine piercing through.

The First Founding Scene

At the end of the war, the unit has been reduced to buy a few dozen battle-hardened survivors. Their unit has seen more action than any other, and survived more encounters, to the point of near mystical status among all the other troops of the war. Their leaders all dead, the “glory hound” of the team is the highest-ranked of those left. A lone messenger brings his final orders from High Command: In one hour, the unit will charge, as vanguard of a final full-army suicide attack on the enemy.

The Glory hound brought in the two flank leaders, the Scout and the chief of Sappers. He told them his plan: fuck all of that, we’re leaving for a more glorious fight later. The other two were resistant at first, and the scout even drew steel in anger at the glory hound’s dishonorable words. But the hound prevailed with wit and reason, and the other two fell in line. Thus it was decided that a suicide charge would be pointless. They prepared a different plan of action, instead…

In epilogue, we determined that they did indeed ride to battle, but a better-planned surprise attack on a separate unit elsewhere. The battle was victorious, but the war still lost. The Sapper’s death was glorious and explosive, and the Scout had also taken a wound that would be fatal. But before her final breath, she had limped to the surviving Glory Hound and attempted to draw steel upon him. But she was too weak, and collapsed atop him instead, and expired, cursing his name.

The Pack Today

The hound had gone back home, where he had both a young future wife awaiting him, and a single family member left alive: his younger sister. As the months rolled by and the world changed, they tried to make the most of their post-war lives, but the fires still burned within him. Old war friends and squadmates sought him out, their lives also in similar states of shambles. In time, they decided to keep riding on, fighting the old fight, carrying the torch for the old ways, as they were all they had left. A few years after, the glory hound would die in battle, and be succeeded by his right-hand man. Some time after that, he too would pass on under contentious circumstances.

Thirteen years later, the ideals of the Glory Hound still carry forth, born on the wheels and howling pipes of a new Pack of motobushi. The Pack rides under the command of its third Taicho, none other than the Founder’s own younger sister. Riding with her as counselor and follower are the original Founder’s betrothed, who had stuck by his side and followed him ever onward (Den Mother), and the new leader’s right-hand enforcer (Migi Ude), who had been there back during the war, and is also one of the surviving first founders of the post-war Pack. There are others as well, Masked faces whose names may be learned at future times…

Pack Roster

Taicho: Michi-aka (Leader)

  • Pack Role: Taicho
  • Riding Position: At the head of the convoy
  • Fighting Style:
  • Bike: Tatsu
  • Brotherhood Sacrifice: Kenjuro called her out in front of the Pack. He was right, but still…
  • Murder Sacrifice: She killed the previous leader (#2) in order to prevent him from disbanding the pack.
  • Relationship Sacrifice: Abandoned her True Love for an advantageous relationship with the pack.
  • Special Sacrifice: For every day that she rides, one of her hairs falls out and is replaced in the follicle by thin wires which continue to grow.
  • Hope: To live in a world with no War.
  • Hate: Spread outright lies about an enemy as if they were fact?
  • Love: Killed a former lover’s wife, and then left him for another man.
  • Doom:


Junshou: The Widow (Hahaoya)

  • Pack Role: Den Mother
  • Riding Position: In the center of the convoy
  • Fighting Style: Niten Ichi-Ryu
  • Bike: Kamikaze
  • Brotherhood Sacrifice: Ebisu wronged the Widow by “slandering” the first taicho immediately after his death.
  • Murder Sacrifice: Killed a rival gang leader because he threatened to kidnap her; killed him as proof that this pack’s women are not to be taken lightly.
  • Relationship Sacrifice: Dishonored the female ancestors from her family by selling the ancestral wedding dress to buy new wheels.
  • Special Sacrifice: The Widow can never be better-fed, better-cleaned, or better-maintained than her bike. If it lacks fuel, she must go hungry. If it is dirty, she cannot bathe.
  • Hope: To ride once more with her husband (who is dead).
  • Hate: Gouged an enemy’s eyes in a duel, disrespecting them after victory.
  • Love: Sabotaged a loved pack member’s brakes.
  • Doom:


Keisotsu: Ebisu (Migi Ude)

  • Pack Role: Enforcer
  • Riding Position: Immediately behind the Taicho
  • Fighting Style:
  • Bike: Tatsu
  • Brotherhood Sacrifice: When the last Taicho fell, Michi-aka moved too quickly to seize power, but Ebisu had to let it go due to former oaths.
  • Murder Sacrifice: Killed the leader of a village in order to intimidate them into giving them supplies
  • Relationship Sacrifice: Left young fiancee to ride with the pack.
  • Special Sacrifice: Ebisu can never speak louder than the sound of his own engine. If it is silent, so must he be.
  • Hope: To be acknowledged as the true leader.
  • Hate: Once used an enemy’s child as a hostage, and then did not honor the agreement afterward.
  • Love: Once had a lover’s younger brother murdered in order to spend more time with her.
  • Doom:


Keisotsu: Kenjuro (Shingari)

  • Pack Role: Tail Gunner
  • Riding Position: At the rear of the convoy
  • Fighting Style:
  • Bike:
  • Brotherhood Sacrifice: Romantically spurned by the Widow
  • Murder Sacrifice: Killed the Widow’s bastard son, who was actually fathered by another man (original Taicho died before he could really see the kid grow up)
  • Relationship Sacrifice: Left behind a younger sister in order to travel with the Pack. Why? What was complicated about that? Was he taking care of her? Did he sell her off?
  • Special Sacrifice: When Kunjuro eats or drinks, everything tastes like motor oil and ash. As such, he eats and drinks only when absolutely necessary, gaining no enjoyment whatsoever from food or spirits. When a new Prospect succeeds at surviving The Garage, he can taste again for seven days. But should a new Prospect fail the test, he only tastes blood…
  • Hope: Purify Technology
  • Hate: Dragged them behind his bike (road-hauled)
  • Love:
  • Doom:


Pack Charter and By-Laws

PACK NAME: The Fallen Legion

MASKS: Each member has an individual Oni masks representing the demon within their machine. Worn when riding, and whenever acting as a Pack. Wearing the Mask means you are acting for the Pack.

HAIR: Hair can only be cut after a major victory. Members with short hair are dangerous.

ICON: The leader of the Pack carries the original Founder’s shotgun as a staff of command.


  • Surround your bike with a circle of salt if left for a while.
  • Never accept written communication.
  • Never begin or end a journey on Thursday.
  • It is bad luck to only knock once.

RITE OF INITIATION: Back home they keep a garage full of bike pieces. After every trip, Kenjuro brings back more parts, and spends time assembling new bikes. There are a dozen or more unclaimed bikes in The Garage at any time, either bikes that belonged to now-dead members, or new bikes waiting to be unleashed upon the world. When a prospect is ready to be initiated into fully-Masked status, the Leader tosses up a handful of keys. The prospect must pick one from the ground, then venture into the garage alone. They either leave with a bike, or not at all…



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